all of my playthroughs

two people, a woman in front of a giant pair of headphones and a man next to a giant controller
banner with the words kingdom hearts 3

My playthrough of the game Kingdom Hearts 3. This is the game I plan on playing pretty consistently, every Friday at 3:00PM EST.

banner with the words mass effect trilogy

Playthroughs of my Mass Effect Characters. First up, Kaliope Shepard! I also play this consistently, every Wednesday at 2:00 EST.

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Playthroughs of short games or odd games that seem cool to me. So far in the playlist: Long Live the Queen, Aven Colony, Another Sight, Black Closet, and The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk.

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Games I play to wind down before bed. Mostly chill games, like puzzles and stuff. Currently in the playlist is The Tiny Bang Story, A Short Hike and Errant Kingdom. Every Tuesday, 9:00PM EST.

banner with the words final fantasy 4

My playthrough of the game Final Fantasy IV, the 3D remake. I'll play this game whenever the mood strikes.

banner with the words Dragon Age

Playing Dragon Age, AKA the series that eats my brain more than any other game series. I have so many playthroughs, what's one more? First one, Deyran Surana, with commentary.

Second one, Lanahari Tabris, no commentary. Sometimes I just don't feel like talking.

banner with the words Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Well, look here! I started another game series! This one will definitely be whenever I feel like it.